Alabaster WC 2022

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2022 Alabaster Worshippers Convention

DATE: 18 – 19 NOVEMBER 2022


We delighted to announce Alabaster Worshippers Convention IS BACK!!

The theme for AWC2022 is IGNITE which is based on Leviticus 6:12 ‘The fire on the altar must be kept burning and never allowed to go out.’ [GNT]

The convention will be held in person. We are so excited to have the opportunity to meet together again face to face, fellowship, conn@ct and soak in God’s presence.  Alabaster Worshippers Convention provides a platform where worshippers from across the globe can come together on the same platform to be refreshed and renewed in God’s presence, be empowered to develop individually, as well as developing worship teams that are dynamic and effective in their various ministries.

We understand that the last couple of years have been really tough for a lot of us.  The world as we know it has changed and many have endured a lot of pain and loss of loved ones, including economic losses and a lot of uncertainty.

Here’s a pause for thought…

What’s been the biggest shift for you as an individual, as a team or as a ministry in your worship leading post-pandemic? How adaptable are the systems and structures within your worship team/ministry? Do you seek growth in your individual gift and ministry? Are you feeling discouraged, disconnected, stagnant, stuck? Do you desire deep intimacy, a time to REFRESH and RENEW in God’s presence?

It is our mission as Alabaster Worship to teach, train and empower Worship Leaders and Worship Teams to pivot and adapt to the ever changing climate. The convention provides a safe place to sharpen and be sharpened by sharing experiences and wisdom.

It is our prayer, including our guest speakers, that the Lord will release a wind of revival, open up heaven and shower out a blessing upon this convention.

We are getting ready to welcome you all!


Delegates will have a range of seminars to choose from. Seminars will focus on developing intimacy through worship, building stronger and versatile worship teams, technology for worship, song writing for worship and more.

All seminars will be interactive and will be led by seasoned Worship Leaders and professional Musicians with the wisdom, skills and anointing to support worship teams to pivot in this season. Our guest speakers are ready to pour into our lives and ministry and we urge you come expectant with a heart ready to receive.

We are also excited this year to announce ‘The Big Conversation’ entitled NOW WHAT?  This will be a panel led discussion where we will discuss all things worship.  No tables will be left un-turned.  Our panelists experts will be ready to delve deep into their own experiences and share wisdom and nuggets to push us to the next level.


Topics will Include:

  • Building Stronger and Versatile Worship Teams
  • Song Writing and Song Selection For Worship
  • Musicianship For Worship - The Davidic Model
  • Prophetic Worship and Prayer
  • Developing Intimacy Through Worship
Registration Now Open!

AWC2022 Program Schedule

19:30 – 19:40    Opening Worship and Prayer

19:40 – 19:50     Welcome Note – Rose Mhunduru

Meet and Greet – All Delegates & Guests

20:00 – 21:15     Seminar 1

TOPIC: Developing Intimacy Through Worship – IGNITE

Keynote Speaker – Rose Mhunduru


This seminar will unveil the theme of the convention IGNITE based on Leviticus 6:12.  In a time where the world as a whole as been shaken and faith tested, the Lord is calling all worshipers back to the alter of sacrifice where intimacy with Him begins and does not become a chore or a ritual but a life lived sacrificially in love and adoration to the Lord.

This seminar will teach and empower worshipers to daily offer their sacrifice of worship and how to keep the flame of worship alight. IGNITE the fire on the alter must NEVER run out!

Delegate Recommendation: Worship Leaders | Worship Team Members | Worship Pastors |All those serving in the worship ministry – Open to ALL

Venue: Derbyshire Hall

21:30 – 22:00   Moment of Worship

Led by Pastor Alex & AW Worship Team

22:00 – 23:00   TOPIC: Prophetic Worship and Prayer


Worship and prayer are two different spiritual disciplines that help you develop spiritual maturity in your relationship with God.  Prayer is primarily a vehicle for communicating with God and allowing him to communicate with you.  Worship is primarily an action focused on glorifying God and declaring His worth-ship. When a worshiper understands how to harness the power of prayer this enables them to flow in the prophetic. This seminar will be practically engaging leading to a time of personal ministration and connecting in prayer.

Delegate Recommendation: Open to ALL

Venue: Derbyshire Hall

09:00 – 09:30 – Moment of Worship Led by  AW Worship Team

09:30 – 11:00  BREAK OUT SEMINARS

Break Out Seminar 1

Topic: Song Writing and Song Selection For Worship 

Key Note Speaker: Dave Bell


This seminar will focus on the different approaches of writing songs and song selection for worship.  We will also explore the theology of song writing and understanding the power of theologically sound worship songs.  This seminar will provoke and empower you to be a responsible custodian of the gift you carry, will give you the confidence you need to either begin or enhance your song writing skills and introduce these into corporate worship.

Worshipers, it is time the world hears and shares YOUR personal declaration of love to the Father through your songs! It is time to IGNITE!!

Delegate Recommendation: Open to ALL.

Venue: Derbyshire Suite – Meeting Room 1

09:00 – 09:30 – Moment of Worship Led by  AW Worship Team

09:30 – 11:00  BREAK OUT SEMINARS

Break Out Seminar 2

Topic: Building Stronger and Versatile Worship Teams 

Key Note Speaker: Marcia Walder-Thomas


Success is being a great steward of your volunteers by developing what you’ve been given as a team to the glory of God!  The questions for a lot of Worship Pastors and Worship Leaders are:

  • How can you grow your worship team?
  • Is it as difficult as it seems?
  • How to build something that people want to be a part of?

This seminar will explore how to develop and grow your leadership skills.  This will challenge you to evaluate your approach to leadership and IGNITE the passion to build stronger and versatile worship teams.

Delegate Recommendation:  Open to Worship Leaders | Worship Pastors | Those in leadership roles or aspiring to be.

Venue: Kinder Room

09:00 – 09:30 – Moment of Worship Led by  AW Worship Team

09:30 – 11:00  BREAK OUT SEMINARS

Break Out Seminar 3

Topic: Musicianship For Worship – The Davidic Model

Keynote Speaker: Heavens Mutambira


This will be a breakout seminar which focuses on musicianship for the worship ministry. Consider the Davidic Model of Worship and Musicianship, the power and purpose of instruments during worship. Understand the power of sound and how sound effects and aids the worship experience. The power in skillful musicianship and the theology behind music in worship.

Delegate Recommendation:  Open to Musicians | Worship Leaders | Worship Pastors | Those aspiring to be musicians.

Venue: Derbyshire Hall

11:00 – 11:30    Moment of Worship Led by Nathan and Enoch

Nathan Chikwama

11:30 – 13:00    The Big Conversation

TOPIC: The Big Conversation

(Panel Experts – Marcia Walder-Thomas, Heavens Mutambira, Dave Bell, Matamando and Enoch)


What are the biggest issues facing worship teams right now post pandemic?  This will be a panel led discussion with the guest speakers.  Delegates can use the live link to ask questions (link to follow).

Delegate Recommendation: Worship Leaders | Worship Pastors| Music Directors |Choir Directors |All those in various leadership roles in the worship ministry.

Venue: Derbyshire Hall

14:00 – 16:30   FREE FLOW WORSHIP – Led by: 

Matamando Maneya

Heavens Mutambira

Dave Bell

Marcia Walder-Thomas

Rose Mhunduru


The convention will end on a free flow of worship led by our guest worship leaders.  This will be a time of soaking in God’s presence and allowing the fire of worship to be ignited and giving God room to heal, renew and refresh.


Delegate Recommendation: Open to ALL.

Venue: Derbyshire Hall

AW TeamAlabaster WC 2022