Raise A Sound

Raise A Sound

The world is going through what has been one of the most difficult times in our life time, due to the Covid-19 world-wide pandemic.  So much pain, suffering and loss, and the world is in desperate need of answers and solutions.

God placed a burden upon our hearts to bring healing and encouragement through worship during these difficult times.  Raise A Sound was birthed from a place of pain and anguish, through what has been a difficult time.  The word of the Lord says in Psalms 66:8 (NIV) ‘Praise our God all people, LET THE SOUND OF HIS PRAISE BE HEARD.’

The Raise A Sound production has been a channel of hope and encouragement, it has helped many who were feeling discouraged to reconnect with the Lord through worship.  It has brought a sound of hope and encouragement in times of despair.  We are getting ready for Raise A Sound III which will be a ‘Winter Wonderland Christmas’ production due out before Christmas.  Dates out soon! Watch this space!

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