Thank You JTC2021

Thank you for registering for the 2021 JUDAH TRIBE CONVENTION Date: 24 April 2021

Dear Delegate,

We are super excited that you have decided to join us for our Judah Tribe Convention 2021. Please take note of our terms of registration and program. Also take note of the seminar log in details which are included on the program (program times are GMT).

Terms of Registration

We value and honour all our speakers who have taken their time to prepare and plan as such:
We have provided the seminar description details to allow you to select which seminars are relevant to you. You do not need to attend all the seminars on offer. This is to ensure that all delegates in any seminar are participating fully.

You must be punctual for your selected seminar and log on at least 5mins beforehand. The ZOOM meeting will be closed after 15mins from the start time. This will allow all delegates to ensure that they are fully engaged and participating in the whole seminar. You will not be able to log onto the meeting after the first 10mins has passed.

Microphones must stay muted unless requested otherwise by the speakers or the host.

We are requesting were practicable that all delegates keep their camera turned on for the duration of the seminar. This will facilitate for full engagement and participation for all seminar delegates.

Should you opt to leave the ZOOM seminar midway please note that you may not be granted permission to log back on as the seminar will be locked after the first 10 mins from the start time.

Please ensure you have no background noise when asked to unmute as this will be disruptive to everyone on the platform. Some seminars will include group work and discussions and we encourage that all delegates fully participate.

Program Schedule

First Session
10:00hrs – 11:30hrs Leeroy John
TOPIC: Musicians Masterclass
Delegate Recommendation: Musicians (at all levels)

Second Session
12:00hrs – 13:15hrs Mike Bolt
TOPIC: Vocal Masterclass
Delegate Recommendation: Vocalists (at all levels)

Third Session
13:30hrs – 14:30hrs Marcia Walder-Thomas
TOPIC: Why we worship?
Delegate Recommendation: Open to ALL

Fourth Session
15:00hrs – 15:30hrs Rose Mhunduru
TOPIC: My Journey to Worship Leading
Delegate Recommendation: Open to ALL

Fifth Session
15:30hrs – 16:30hrs Pastor Dee Bryce
TOPIC: Young and Called
Delegate Recommendation: Open to ALL

Links on how to access the seminars will be emailed to delegates.

Lesly MutekedzaThank You JTC2021