Worship Leaders Conn@ct

Worship Leaders Conn@ct

WLConn@ct is an inspirational platform which provides specialist training and support for praise and worship leaders and worship pastors. It provides an inspirational forum where lead worshippers are able to connect, share ideas, songs, skills and material to be better equip themselves for effective ministry.

WLConn@ct started in Spring 2019 and we have seen a consistent growth with this platform reaching out to lead worshippers from across denominations. worship leaders connect runs seasonal series where teachings are delivered by seasoned worship leaders and worship pastors providing guidance and practical examples from their own wealth of experience.

At it’s peak this year we saw a number of lead worshippers joining in and participating in the ZOOM sessions.

Season III – Spring 2021 (dates out soon)​

Season II – 2020

Theme – Glean and Grow

We explored several topics including;

  • Week 1 – Pastor Dave – Leading during a pandemic
  • Week 2 – Min Mike Bolt – Transformational Worship
  • Week 3 – Min Rose – Transformational Worship – It Starts with me
  • Week 4 – Min Marcia – God was dealing with the heart – I will give you a new heart
  • Week 5 – Min Rose – Building A Strong Team
  • Week 6 – Pastor Karen Steele – Worship in Spirit and Truth
  • Week 7 – Pastor Dee Bryce – Working in line with the Pastor’s vision
  • Week 8 – Min Mike Bolt – ‘Free to be me’

Season I – These sessions were co-hosted by Min Rose, Min Mike Bolt and Minister Marcia Walder Thomas

  • Team Building
  • True Worship
  • Planning for Rehearsals
  • Song Selection
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